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We are the best! In the center of aesthetic medicine and dentistry “MEDESY” our doctors and cosmetologists offer you a wide variety of effective and safe procedures for rejuvenating your skin and improving the body as a whole. Applying only high-quality cosmetology products, proven techniques, the best equipment and injections, our specialists, doctors and beauticians will help you to change the aging skin in the right direction in time, to repel any changes in appearance, whatever reasons they are caused.

Experienced specialists, cosmeticians of our cosmetology clinic in their work are guided exclusively by international standards of the centers of aesthetic medicine, directions and generally accepted standards. After all, only selecting quality and reliable methods, we will be able to give each of our customers a truly amazing result.

It is worth noting that aesthetic cosmetology is a whole skin philosophy. That’s why it requires careful study and the right approach. In our Center for Occupational Medicine and Cosmetology “Medesi”, we try to pay great attention also to SPA procedures. Only with a comprehensive approach to skin regeneration and healing, the result will be really excellent, and the effect will last as long as possible.

What services does our center offer?

About what specific services of plastic surgery the center of aesthetic medicine and dentistry “MEDESI” is ready to offer, as well as the prices for them can be found from the relevant sections of our site – it is quite convenient and practical. Also you will learn about what distinguishes our center from others. In other words, as Vladimir Mayakovsky said, “there are many like me, but I am one.”

  1. Injection cosmetology
  2. Laser cosmetology
  3. Plastic surgery
  4. Hardware Cosmetology
  5. Aesthetic Cosmetology
  6. Epilation (depilation)
  7. SPA procedures

What tasks does our center solve?

Good cosmetologists know what to do in order to prolong youth and maintain health. In our center you can solve almost any problems and skin diseases: We offer you a wide range of cosmetology services: from simple skin care of the face, neck, décolletage to the latest hardware techniques. Our specialists with higher medical education, dermatologists and cosmetologists will select the program you need to become even more beautiful.

– Non-surgical face lift- Second chin- Hair loss: treatment, reasons- Alignment of terrain- Flabby skin- Correction of the shape of the nose- Lacrimal groove- Correction of body volume- Hyperhidrosis– Cellulite treatment- Skin rejuvenation- Wrinkles around the eyes- Wrinkles on the forehead- Nasolabial folds- Pigmentation- Oily skin- Enhanced pores- Dark circles under the eyes- Lip augmentation– Increased cheekbones- Acne, acne, acne- Hair removal- Mimic wrinkles- Removal of moles and neoplasms- Removal of scars, scars and stretch marks- Vascular formation- Dry skin- Correction of wrinkles

Our advantages

Center for Aesthetic Medicine and Dentistry “MEDESY” has such advantages as a convenient location for the whole city, the availability of 10 parking spaces, flexible discount conditions, convenient working hours (from 08:00 to 23:00 on weekdays and from 10:00 to 21:00 on weekends), individual approach, attentive and friendly attitude to each patient, equipped with the most modern devices (all equipment has certificates of conformity).

We guarantee the safety of procedures carried out by highly professional specialists. Our cosmetologists and dermatologists will help you to create modern, safe and quality treatment programs that comply with all WHO recommendations.

We are waiting for you in our cozy, well-equipped four-story Center and will be happy to help you become more attractive and confident!