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Every parent cares for the healthy and happy smile of their child. There is a pediatric dentistry department in “Medesy” Aesthetic Beauty and Stomatology Center aimed at preservation, treatment and preventive care of our children’s dental health. Everything necessary is provided in the department for comfortable and painless treatment of children for the common dental diseases, with state of the art equipment and high-quality medication. The only “Merry dental chair” in Armenia has been acquired by the Clinic for the pediatric dentistry department. Colorful and vivid characters create a positive atmosphere under which a visit to the dentist turns into a game for your child, and treatment of your children we have entrusted to the most responsive, kind and professional pediatrists. No wonder that pediatric dentistry is the pride of our Medical Center.

Our doctors undergo long professional training. The changing and growing deciduous and permanent teeth, formation of dentition, specific mouth diseases, frequent dental traumas, treatment of children’s deciduous teeth, etc. are the object of treatment and prevention.

The knowledge of child psychology helps our specialists to have a way with every child, having rid of their fears and other negative emotions.

Дети нам доверяют

Children trust us

Чистим зубки щеточкой

We clean our teeth


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Мои зубки лучше

My teeth are better

Areas of pediatirc dentistry:


  • Treatment of deciduous teeth
  • Removal of deciduous teeth
  • Orthodontic treatment
  • Caries treatment
  • Teeth stopping
  • Cosmetic restoration of teeth
  • Removal of the roots
  • Maxillofacial plastics

Our department of pediatric dentistry implements a full spectrum of diagnosis and subsequent treatment of children’s deciduous teeth, as well as preventive treatment of such diseases as caries of deciduous and permanent teeth, pulpitis, mouth sore, gingivitis, periodontitis and other patological states of gingivae. Pediadontist also administers first aid in event of dental trauma and deals with further treatment and restoration of teeth.

In case of emergency, both deciduous and permanent teeth are removed, including under anesthesia. Experienced orthodontists deal with correction of occlusion and other dentofacial anomalies, in particular, using children’s braces. Plastic repair of lip frenulum and other surgical procedures are also performed in the Clinic.

Treatment of deciduous teeth

Children’s caries currently becomes an increasingly common disease of the oral cavity. There are also growing cases of dental caries even with kids aged up to two years. Due to the high sensitivity of deciduous teeth and their exposure to decay, children’s caries develops very rapidly. In most cases, the tooth is possible to save if start to cure it in due time. However, if there is no other way, the caries-affected deciduous teeth has to be removed in order to save the healthy teeth, so, timely trip to the dentist is very important.

Children’s orthodontia

Children’s orthodontia plays a special role in pediatric dentistry, since it is better to correct the bite and align the teeth in childhood. Moreover, at an early age it is possible to carry out preventive measures aimed to avoid the development of malocclusion of permanent teeth.

Our works are presented further.

The first consultation is free.

“Medesy” Stomatology Center wishes your children good health and beautiful smile.

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