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Diagnostic capabilities in “Medesy” Aesthetic Beauty and Stomatology Center lick all creation. The Clinic is equipped with the latest developments in diagnostics used in the dentistry. And even though professional knowledge of our dentists is sufficient for the effective and high quality diagnosis of diseases, the technical equipment and hardware examination technics help our doctors to perfectly diagnose all the tooth and parodentium problems.






Today, dental tomography has become an integral part of the dentists’ daily practice. Moreover, the present-day dental tomography assumes greater importance with the development of implantology, since determination of the bone volume is vital during implant placing. Dental tomography in our Clinic is now carried out on the up-to-date computerized 3D-tomograph (Gendex, USA), which is considered the best-in-class.
This device is created on the basis of high technologies and knowledge in computerized tomography. The dental tomograph allows to obtain data to reconstruct the 3D image of the skull to perform the following procedures:
The dental tomograph allows to obtain a 3D image of the whole maxillofacial area during one scanning that lasts a few seconds. A perfect and accurate diagnosis: the quality of examination turns out to be several times higher, since three-dimensional images allow the doctor to enlarge, rotate and examine all the areas of interest from every side, that is impossible to do in the customary diagnostics mode.


Teleroentgenogram (TRG) is a plain film of the skull (front or side), on which the bony skeleton is projected. Teleroentgenogram is irreplaceable during prosthodontic treatment and maxillofacial prosthetics, as well as in orthognatic surgery. Teleroentgenogram enables to forecast the results of treatment of dento-maxillofacial abnormalities and deformities. Teleroentgenogram clearly shows the interposition and ratio of sizes of different osseous structures and soft tissues of the face. The latter feature makes this kind of examination a “gold standard” at the orthodontic treatment planning stage, when it is important to calculate mathematically exactly in what direction and how much this or another tooth or a group of teeth should be shifted/tilted. Teleroentgenogram allows to evaluate the distinct manifestation of malocclusions.

Тeleroentgenogram is an integral part of examination, after which the doctor can set a diagnosis to the patient, make up an accurate treatment plan, pick up the orthodontic equipment options, calculate the duration of treatment. Correct diagnostics and treatment planning are the basis for obtaining a qualitative result.


Plain film (Orthopantomogram) To build a complete picture of the dento-facial system condition (the tooth-surrounding tissues, bones, maxillo-temporal joint, location of dental roots towards mandibular canal, as well as bone atrophy and its loss) and evaluate the quality of the earlier treatment, it is necessary to make a plain film, an orthopantomogram.

Dental X-ray

Periapical radiography A radio-visiograph is used in “Medesy” for this purpose. The advantage of this device over the conventional one is as follows: first, it allows to instantly receive the examined tooth image on the monitor and show it to the patient, if necessary, second, it enables to edit the image in case it is indistinct, avoiding the need for reirradiation, third, it allows to reduce the radiation harm by times.

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