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Blepharoplasty is the safest and most effective plastic surgery. Using a modern approach consisting in removing excess skin on the upper eyelids or removing / redistributing the excess orbital fat of the lower eyelids through the mucosa and laser rejuvenation of the eyelid skin, one can achieve the best effect while avoiding traces from the operation. Special equipment allows applying this technology for blepharoplasty. The same principle is used by surgeons in the US and Europe. The patient wants to look younger and hence appeals to a plastic surgeon. The age is often shown by a tired look, with hanging upper eyelids or baggy skin under the eyes.

Surgical indication

The formation of fatty hernia of the eyelids; Wrinkles in the eye area; Congenital anomalies of the eyelids; Aging skin; Tired look syndrome; Symptom of “sad eyes.”

Contraindication to surgery

  • Diseases of internal organs of severe and moderate severity
  • Aggravated chronic diseases; Problems with blood coagulability
  • Diabetes mellitus in a serious stage
  • Inflammatory processes
  • Oncological diseases

Post operative course recommendations

Blepharoplasty is characterized by a fairly mild and short-lived rehabilitation period. In the early postoperative period, there may be a slight puffiness of the eyelids, increased sensitivity and a slight stitch in the eyes. With compliance with the regime and the implementation of the recommendations of doctors, all these symptoms associated with the surgery for eyelid surgery will disappear within a week.