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Lips are a natural decoration of the face. Therefore, women pay so much attention to their lips: they take care of them, color them and correct their volume and shape with the help of make-up and other methods of correction. There are so-called right proportions by which you can determine whether you have the right shape and size of the lips. They may lack volume, color, they may be asymmetrical, or the upper lip may be larger than the lower one or vice versa. The best way is to correct the volume of the lips through injections.

The procedure for correcting the volume of the lips helps for a long time to correct imperfections, and significantly change the shape, volume of lips, make the contour more pronounced. But even if you are lucky and nature has awarded you a beautiful form of lips, then, unfortunately, with age, lips lose their expressiveness, the corners drop, the color fades, the contour blurs. And in this case, the correction of the volume of the lips will come to your aid. There are many ways to correct the volume of the lips. The most modern and effective method for correcting the volume of the lips are injections. The popularity of this procedure to correct the volume of the lips has earned thanks to its effectiveness, simplicity and accessibility. It is absolutely safe and almost painless. The injection is based on hyaluronic acid, which is well accepted by the body, does not cause allergic reactions and is gradually eliminated from the body.

The procedure for correcting the volume of the lips does not take much time, and the effect you see right away. In this case, there are no traces after correction of the volume of the lips. And the result will please you a long time. As you know, a sign of femininity, sensuality and beauty are full lips, with clear outlines and a rich pigment. Such lips are the dream of every woman regardless of age. But if your lips do not meet your standards of beauty – do not get upset. The procedure for lip volume correction is your best assistant. After the volume correction procedure, your lips will become your pride. Thanks to injections, we can give your lips the amount you dream about, remove wrinkles around your lips, change the shape of your lips, and give your lips a “plumpness” effect, like after a kiss.

Lip Surgery

This is one of the oldest types of lip surgery. However, aesthetic surgery of lips is relatively a new phenomenon due to people’s concentration on the attractiveness and sensuality of this body part. Full lips have become a symbol of sensuality, while thin lips may convey an angry look to people and reduced femininity to women, making lip surgery one of the most demanded plastic surgery procedures.

Lip augmentation procedures include injecting different fillers such as silicone, collagen as well as the patient’s fat tissues. Patients may feel pain and stretching during the post-surgical period.

Solid, hot and spicy food should be avoided and should maintain good oral hygiene.

Filler Injections

Rejuvenating injections are one of the most practical methods used in modern cosmetology aimed at smoothing wrinkles and correcting the facial contour. Over the course of time a woman’s face becomes drier contributing to the appearance of wrinkles. Besides surgical procedures there is another effective method to solve the problem:Injections

There are different injectable fillers, among them are restylane, perlane, botox, Dysport and other. Though they all perform the same function, there are different instructions for different cases. Botox is the most common procedure performed in such cases. 10-15 days after the procedure facial muscles weaken which in turn creates a stretching sensation. The impact of botox injection is about 3-6 months. Besides the correction of different facial parts (wrinkles, cheeks, lips, chin and other) this injection rids the person of the habit of screwing up eyes, which conveys extra attractiveness. The method of using the patient’s fat tissues as filler is known as lipofilling.

The procedure is performed under local anaesthesia and is less traumatic. Contraindications include blood flow related problems, inflammatory processes and any other diseases. It is strictly prohibited to undergo lipofilling at home, or during pregnancy or lactation It should be performed only by a professional doctor-cosmetologist.