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Face-lifting is a plastic surgery aimed at eliminating the main signs of aging, such as wrinkles and folds, fat deposits and excess skin. Face-lifting involves the removal of excess skin and, in some cases, part of the muscular structure. The remaining skin is stretched and the problem areas are smoothed out. Lifting allows to restore nearly ideal contours of the face, resulting in both improved appearance and internal state of a person. It’s no secret that everyone wants to bear age well.

Face Lift

Decreased elasticity intensifies the aging process of the facial skin and muscles. The face starts to show aging changes, along with wrinkles and fine lines.

Face lift is incapable of removing all signs of aging, however it can totally change most of the visible traces. This surgical procedure is used to give a more youthful facial appearance removing the fine lines and wrinkles, tightening the loose skin and muscles. Most of the people look about ten years younger after the procedure. The outcome is preserved for 7-11 years.

Candidates for this procedure are usually considered to be people aged 40-60, however people aged 70-80 can also undergo the procedure. Face lift is an intricate intervention performed under general anesthesia. The patient should stay at hospital for 1-2 days after the surgery. The patient should wear a special compression bandage for about one week. The suture is removed in almost one week. From then on he/she should be extra careful about the new face as the latter’s skin and hypodermic muscles are not used to the new state, size and form. The person having undergone rhytidectomy should wash the head with lukewarm water in 7-10 days after the surgery and should dye the hair no sooner than in a month.

Decorative cosmetics may be used in 7 days after the surgery only in case of adequate scar healing process.

Neck Lift

Face and neck show the most visible signs of aging. Double chin, sagging jowls and excess neck weight make the person look prematurely aged and constantly tired. Neck lift is a surgical procedure addressing this problem through removing excess skin and fat. It improves muscle activity, tightens loose skin and gives the chin a natural look.

The patient should wear special compression underwear in the post-operative period. Swelling usually increases in 2-3 days following the surgery. The suture is removed almost in one week.

The reversal starts in one week after the surgery and is complete in three weeks. The patient should avoid physical workload after the surgery as the neck muscles and skin are not used to the new state, size and form.

Post operative course recommendations

During several days following the facelift your face will be sensitive, ache, swollen and possibly bruised. Your face is covered by a fluffy bandage, and on the second day it is replaced by an elastic wrap. About three days swellings are in the worst condition, they will start disappear within a few weeks.

In five days after surgery, stitches are removed; in 7-10 days after the operation surgical straps, used in a scalp, are removed. This process is painless, but if necessary, it can be performed with use of an anesthetic.