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Otoplasty is a surgical operation aimed at eliminating the deformation and improving the shape of the external ear. People of very different ages suffer from deformity (everted ears) or asymmetry of the auricles. Everted ears are the common cause to be met with derision, the cause of mental discomfort and poor adaptation to school. No need to hide the everted ears under hair or headwear: we just advise you to be bent on a radical change of your ears’ shape or size.

How is otoplasty carried out ?

In adults, the procedure is an outpatient performed under regional or local anesthesia. General anesthesia is mostly applied for children under the age of 8 to keep them quiescent during the procedure. After the operation there are no visible scars since all cuts are made behind the ear. Protruding ears can be rotated backward. Some missing natural folds of the ear can be created from the body tissues or from tissues of other parts of the ear. Thickened and injured ears can be making thinner and sculpted. After the operation, over the ear is placed pressure dressing, it helps keep ear in place during the healing.

What should I expect after operation ?

There is usually not much ache or bruising after the operation. The main part of swelling is subsiding during a week and a half; however for about three weeks the operable surface will be sensitive. The pressure dressing is removed in seven days. Sensation of ear returning slowly, ears will feel numb over the period of two or three months. In recovery period there is generally no pain because of numbness. This is the reason that the procedure is greatly well-tolerated by children.

When the results will be visible ?

After the pressure dressing is removed do not peep at the ear! Such action can raise the danger of infection or modify the expected final results. Right after removing of dressing the patient will see the difference in the ear, however remaining swellings can stay.

What are the risks of otoplasty ?

In the case of appropriate care, it is a very safe procedure and accompanied with a small risk. The surgery complications may involve infection, thrombus, undesired scars, reaction to anesthesia, asymmetry, issue of blood, cosmetic discontentment.

Caring for a child who had otoplasty

It is very important be attentive for activity of a child who had undergone operation. He or she can not be involved in rough play or contact sport types, minimum during a week. Follow such limitations is difficult for younger children. They should be occupied in other ways and be under attentive overseeing. At least during next month after the operation it is not allowed to bend the ears, independent from the age of patient. If exactly abide instructions of surgeon, the recovery passes smooth and without complications. The results become visible in the period of 10 to 20 days after procedure