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The largest Center of Implantation of Teeth and Stomatology “Medesy” offers its clients affordable dental prosthetics with the latest implant systems from the world’s leading manufacturers. Implantation is carried out by highly qualified specialists using world-leading technical equipment and innovative consumables.

Implantation of teeth in Yerevan – This is the best offer from dentistry in the South Caucasus. With us you will save up to 40% of the budget during implantation. When you prepay the full cost of the work, you will receive an additional discount. We install more than 150 implants per month.

The most reliable and effective solution to the problem of partial or complete tooth loss today is implantation. Installation of dental implants gives an opportunity to restore the full aesthetic and chewing function of the tooth row.

Our Center of Implantation of Teeth and Dentistry “Medesy” offers various methods of dental implantation, which help to restore the quality of life and a happy smile to every patient, regardless of the complexity of the problem. When losing a whole group of teeth, it is also possible to use prosthetics or implantation, however, a conventional prosthesis affects speech, impairs perception. it eats and in most cases it looks unnatural. It is the implantation of teeth that provides the most durable fixation, correct distribution of chewing load, natural appearance of teeth and practically unlimited service life.

We constantly work on the level of professionalism of our doctors, and although all our dentists have prestigious diplomas, we constantly organize additional training for our doctors at prestigious international conferences, scientific symposia and specialized seminars. Thanks to the large number of works, our orthopedists have established themselves far beyond the borders of Armenia.

Our clinic is a dental implant and treatment center for citizens of Iran, Georgia, Russia, Belarus, Ukraine, Poland, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Kazakhstan, Latvia, Lithuania, Germany, Israel, Montenegro, France, USA, etc. Citizens of other countries of the European Union and Asia also contact us.

Naturally, this is the result of flawless work of our specialists and quality implants used for implantation. In our clinic, there are also many clients whom others refused to perform implantation because of complicated cases. We will add that despite the fact that implantation is an expensive pleasure, our clinic has a flexible pricing policy, thanks to which all clients remain satisfied. We offer reasonable prices for all visitors! We have the best prices for dental implants in the world!

Implantation of teeth is the most promising, relevant and popular direction in modern dentistry and prosthetics. This is the technology of implanting a titanium rod into bone tissue with the subsequent installation of a crown, which has been successfully practiced for more than a decade. Planting an implant instead of a missing tooth without bypassing neighboring healthy teeth (as in the case of bridge prostheses) is one of the main advantages of this method. When a whole group of teeth is lost, it is also possible to use prosthetics or implantation, but a conventional prosthesis affects speech, worsens the perception of food, and in most cases looks unnatural. It is the implantation of teeth that provides the most durable fixation, correct distribution of chewing load, natural appearance of teeth and practically unlimited service life.

Импланты NOBEL (США)

NOBEL implants (USA)

Импланты MIS

MIS implants

Импланты Dentium (Корея)

Dental implants (Korea)"

Импланты Dentaurum

Dentaurum implants

Advantages of implantation

A few years ago, removable dentures and dental bridges were considered the most common ways to restore the dentition. However, removable dentures cause unpleasant sensations of a foreign body and cause a lot of inconvenience, and the installation of a dental bridge is accompanied by grinding of adjacent teeth, which contributes to their rapid failure. Implantation makes it possible to replace lost teeth without grinding and additional processing of adjacent teeth. The implant can be installed anywhere in the dentition and fill in missing teeth at different lengths. Implantology allows you to restore the functions of even a completely edentulous jaw, so you can permanently abandon a removable prosthesis. This method saves not only bone tissue, but also removes excessive load from neighboring teeth in the process of eating. Implantation is an absolutely painless and non-traumatic procedure, and implants can last many times longer than dental bridges or crowned teeth.

Implantation completely restores the chewing function, while other methods, one way or another, put certain restrictions on the intensity of the use of prostheses and bridges. The implant is absolutely no different from a natural tooth and does not cause any discomfort – neither functional nor aesthetic. The cost of a dental implant and, in general, the prices for implantation are higher than traditional methods of restoring the dentition. However, if we compare the costs of regular visits to the dentist to eliminate emerging problems with a dental bridge or prosthesis, then the cost of an implant is justified in all respects. If you are interested in implantation, you can check the prices in our clinic, as well as learn more about the qualifications and capabilities of our doctors specializing in implantology.

Implantation Methods

One-stage implantation is carried out immediately after tooth extraction. A titanium implant with a temporary crown is implanted into the bone tissue, which is later replaced by a permanent one. In this case, the implant is a one-piece structure of a screw and a support for fixing the future prosthesis. This express method allows to reduce the time required for implant healing, to minimize discomfort during the procedures.

Two-stage implantation is a classic, time-tested method. First, an implant is implanted into the bone tissue and time is given for its engraftment. After a certain time, a permanent dental crown is installed on the abutment screwed into the implant. Using this method makes the implantation procedure longer, but in most cases it becomes the only possible option for restoring the dentition.

Stages and timing of implantation

The timing of the implantation procedure primarily depends on the chosen scheme – two-stage or one-stage. Two-stage implantation requires a lot of time, since before the installation of the crown, it is necessary that the process of implantation of the implant was successful. On average, the entire process can take 3-6 months. The timing is also affected by whether bone augmentation (osteoplasty) will be performed, as well as the individual characteristics of the patient. With simultaneous express implantation, it is possible to complete the installation of the implant along with the temporary crown in one visit, but the installation of a permanent crown will take time to manufacture it.


The result of prosthetics on implants largely depends not only on the qualifications of the surgeon-implantologist and prosthetist, but also on the models of implants used in a particular clinic. The Medesy Dental Center focuses primarily on high-quality and proven implants from such companies as DENTIUM (South Korea), DENTAURUM (Germany), MIS (Israel), NOBEL (USA), SIMPLE SWISS (Switzerland). Naturally, thanks to carefully selected implants, we have the highest percentage of engraftment and the longest service life in our clinic.

After implant placement

The implant requires special care in the first two weeks after installation. During this time, it should “take root”, and the gums and the oral cavity as a whole should accept a new material, albeit as close as possible to a natural tooth. During these fourteen days, try to eat as soft and rich in vitamins as possible. You can puree some foods, but you should not eat hard fruits in their pure form.

Уход за Имплантом

Care of implants

Зубной Щеткой

Tooth brush



Зубной нитью

Dental floss

When brushing your teeth, try not to touch the implant with a toothbrush in the first two to three days.

Rules of care for implants

It is necessary to clean implants, as well as healthy teeth, every day in the morning and in the evening. The cleaning technique for an installed implant is the same as in any other case – it is necessary to clean the crown, the spaces between the teeth, the gums, the inner side of the implant (facing the tongue). It is necessary to carefully clean the part of the implant, which is directly adjacent to the gum.
For cleaning implants, you can use both regular toothbrushes (with soft bristles, maximum of medium hardness) and electric toothbrushes.

Service life of implants

The service life of dental implants depends on two groups of factors.
The first group is objective factors that do not depend on the actions of the patient himself. Belongs to this group. the strength of the material used in the implant (for example, titanium), its technical properties; correct installation of crowns, use of modern materials; literacy of carrying out operations, observance of sterility.

The second group of factors consists of subjective actions of the patient, which can either extend the service life of dental implants or significantly reduce them. The main ones are: regular observance of dental implant care rules; regular visit to the dentist; the presence of harmful habits (often smoking) reduces the service life of implants.

High-quality implants, with proper care of dental implants, can last 15 and even 25 years. The service life of prosthetics on implants is 10 years. If you do not follow the rules of care for dental implants, their service life can be reduced up to 3-5 years.

Dental implants, like natural teeth, can be exposed to an aggressive environment, as a result of which microcracks and chips appear. This is not scary – thanks to the high level of modern dentistry, an implant can be easily and quickly restored without resorting to its complete replacement.

The Medesy Dental Center wishes you health and a beautiful smile.

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