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Dental implantation is the most perspective, vital and popular direction in the modern stomatology and prosthetics. This is a technology of a titanium rod implantation into the bony tissue with further installation of a dental crown, that has been successfully practiced for decades. Implantation instead of the missing tooth without facing the adjacent healthy teeth (as in case with bridgeworks) is one of the main advantages of this method. You can use prosthetics or implantation also when losing the entire group of teeth, however an ordinary prosthesis affects the speech, impairs food perception and in most cases looks unnatural. It is just dental implantation that provides extremely solid fixation, proper distribution of the mastication load, natural appearance of the teeth and a virtually unlimited service life.

We are continuously working at the level of professionalism of our doctors, and even though all our dentists have prestigious diplomas, we permanently organize additional training for them at prestigious international conferences, scientific symposiums and specialized seminars. Due to the large amount of work, our orthopedists approved themselves far beyond Armenia. Our Clinic is an implantation center for citizens of Iran, Georgia, Russia. USA and EU citizens apply to us as well. Of course, this is a result of perfect work of our specialists and high-quality implants used during dental implantation. “Medesy” Stomatology Center is also visited by patients, who were refused implantation in other clinics due to complicated cases.

Отбеливание зубов

Teeth whitening

Импланты MIS

MIS implants

Импланты Dentium (Корея)

Dentium implants

Импланты Dentaurum

Dentaurum implants

Implantation advantages

A few years ago removable dentures and dental bridges were considered the most common ways of restoring the dental arcade. However, removable dentures cause discomfort of an extraneous body and put to trouble, and installation of a dental bridge is accompanied by grinding of adjacent teeth and contributes to their quick breakdown. Implantation allows to replace the lost teeth without grinding and additional processing of adjacent teeth. The implant can be installed anywhere in the dental arcade and fill in the missing teeth at different length. Implantology allows to restore the functions of even an edentuous jaw, so you can stop using removable denture once for all. This method not only saves the bony tissue, but also releases the excess load on the adjacent teeth during food ingestion. Implantation is an absolutely painless and non-injury causing procedure, and implants are able to serve much longer than dental bridges or teeth under the crown.

Implantation fully restores the chewing function, whereas other methods, one way or another, put certain restrictions on the intensity of using prostheses and bridges. The implant by no means differs from a natural tooth and doesn’t cause any discomfort – either functional or aesthetic. The cost of a dental implant and implantation prices, in general, are higher than traditional methods of restoring the dental arcade. However, if you compare the costs for a regular trip to the dentist to solve the occuring dental bridge or prosthetic denture problems, the cost of an implant is justified in all respects. If you are interested in implantation, you can specify the prices in our Clinic, as well as learn more about the qualification and capabilities of our implant surgeons.

Implantation methods

One-stage implantation is performed immediately after the tooth removal. An oxidized implant is installed in the bony tissue with a temporary crown which is later replaced by a constant one. In this case, the implant is a monolithic structure of a screw and support for fastening of the future denture. Such a rapid method allows to reduce the time, required for the implant survival, and minimize discomfort during the procedure.

Two-stage implantation is a classic, time-tested method. First, the implant is installed in the bony tissue and is given time for survival. After a while, a permanent dental crown is installed on the abutment screwed into the implant. Use of this method makes the implantation procedure longer-lasting, but in most cases it becomes the only option to restore the dental arcade.

Implantation stages and terms

The implantation procedure dates depend first of all on either a two-stage or a single-step scheme is chosen. Two-stage implantation requires a fair bit of time, as it is important for the implant survival process to pass successfully before installing the crown. The entire process may take 3-6 months on average. The dates also depend on whether bone augmentation will be performed (bone shaping), as well as on the patient’s individual peculiarities. In case of a single-step rapid implantation, installation of the implant together with a temporary crown can be completed during one visit, but installation of a permanent crown will take time for its manufacture.


The result of restoration on implants largely depends not only on the skills of the implant surgeon and prosthetist, but also on the implant models used in a particular clinic. “Medesy” Stomatology Center uses primarily high-quality and well-established implants of such companies as DENTIUM (South Korea), DENTAURUM (Germany), MIS (Israel), NOBEL (USA), SIMPLE SWISS (Switzerland). And due to the carefully selected implants, we have the largest percentage of the implant survival rate and the longest service life in our Clinic.

After implantation

The implant requires special care in the first two weeks after installing. It needs survival during this period, besides, the gingivae and the oral cavity must accept the new material, albeit most closely resembling a natural tooth. Try to use a softer, vitamined food during this fortnight. You can mash some products, however, avoid using hard fruits in their pure form.

Уход за Имплантом

Implant care

Зубной Щеткой

With a toothbrush


With a sprinkler

Зубной нитью

With dental floss

When brushing your teeth in the first three days, try not to touch the implant with a toothbrush.

Items of implant care

Implants should be cleaned like healthy teeth, every morning and evening. The cleaning technique with the implant installed is the same as in all other cases – it is necessary to clean the crown, the gaps between the teeth, the gingivae, the inner side of the implant (facing the tongue). You should thoroughly clean the part of the implant which is directly adjacent to the gingiva.
Both conventional toothbrushes (with soft bristles or of average stiffness) and electric ones can be used to clean the implants.

Implant lifetime

The lifetime of dental implants depends on two groups of factors.
The first group is objective factors which do not depend on the patient’s own actions. This group includes: strength of the material used in the implant base (e.g., titanium), its technical properties; correct installation of the crown, use of modern materials; literate conduct of operation, sterility compliance.

The second group of factors consists of the patient’s subjective actions, which can either prolong or significantly reduce the dental implants’ lifetime. The main ones are: regular observance of the items of care of dental implants; regular dentist’s appointment; presence of bad habits (most often smoking) shortens the implants’ lifetime.

High-quality implants, with proper observance of the items of care of dental implants, can serve 15 or even 25 years. The lifetime of implant prostheses is 10 years. Failure to comply with the items of care of dental implants may reduce their lifetime up to 3-5 years.

Dental implants, like natural teeth, may be exposed to corrosive environment, causing micro-cracks and crown chipping. It’s not scary – due to the high level of the modern dentistry, the implant can be easily and quickly restored without its full replacement.

“Medesy” Stomatology Center wishes good health and beautiful smile.

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